About RestoBod Laser Clinics

RestoBod Laser Clinics Corp was founded by Tina Clifford, a retired RN who hoped to bring state of the art laser tattoo removal technology to the Calgary and Southern Alberta area.  Once the idea was born, it conceptualized into a cutting-edge laser clinic that would also offer the best in Body Contouring technology, Skin Rejuvenation, and Skincare.

Tina envisioned a clinic which offered the latest and greatest in the industry, above and beyond what is available at every spa or clinic around.

Previous to opening RestoBod, Tina enjoyed a long surgical nursing career predominately in Day Surgery. This specialty offered frequent exposure to plastic surgery procedures, during which continuous pre/post operative care and teaching fostered a growing keen-ness for the esthetics industry. Of course, these procedures are expensive and often require significant “downtime”, which made Tina question, “Why shouldn’t we have access to non-invasive, cost-effective and discrete treatment options to help us look and feel our best?”

With this question in mind, RestoBod Laser Clinics was developed to deliver opportunities that allowed clients to enjoy the benefits of the ‘elite’ in regards to beauty up-keep, without having to miss work or re-mortgage the family home. At RestoBod you can treat yourself to the ultimate beauty tune-up and then return to your normal, daily routine when you walk out the door. Feeling and looking “Original… Only Better.”

RestoBod Laser Clinics Calgary

RestoBod… It’s Not Just a Name

The idea to incorporate the art of restoring cars within Tina’s brand ideation for the clinic stemmed from her husband’s unrelenting passion for cars. The question became, how could Tina develop a name which paid tribute to both their passions?

‘RestoBod’ came about throughout discussions with Tina’s girlfriends while delving into the details of her new venture. They quickly discovered that “The Body Shop” was taken, so Tina mentioned the phrase “Resto-Mod” which describes the act of taking an old car and updating the internal elements with a new engine and technology while maintaining the classic external appearance. Original… Only Better.

Sound familiar? With a few more tweaks, Tina landed at “RestoBod”, which quickly caught on as the perfect capture of both her own brand story and her husband’s passion. With this brand focus in place, Tina is excited to bring cutting edge laser technology to revamp the beauty routine of anyone looking for a serious beauty “tune-up”.